MINMAX TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. founded in 1990, has over 30 years experience as a specialist in the design and manufacturing of DC-DC converters & AC-DC Power Supplies for ITE, Railway, Renewable Energy and Medical Applications. The comprehensive standard range of products covers power ratings from 1 to 150 Watt DC-DC converters, 2 to 60 Watt AC-DC power supplies and 0.5 to 1 Amp switching regulators, all MINMAX products have a 3 year warranty.

To respect our social and physical environment, MINMAX all products comply with European RoHS Directive and REACH Directive, besides we share international concerns about the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and adjoining countries, and are working to ensure that the mining of the minerals that end up in our products do not contribute to human rights violations in the region. MINMAX set Quality Control, Satisfy Customer Demands, Green Products & Sustainable Business as our goal.






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minmax commitment

MINMAX adherence to the best quality standards and excellent service in a timely way has also helped we win customers’ hearts and become their preferred business partner. The outstanding partnership between MINMAX and materials suppliers gives us a considerable advantage in ensuring a stable supply of materials, and in keeping production and delivery schedules on time. We at MINMAX regard our employees as the organization's most valuable asset, so providing them with a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment is both our responsibility and our main focus for improvement. MINMAX builds teamwork by providing regular training and encouraging employees to participate in external training, so that we can improve employees' professional skills and managerial capacity, and boost the company’s overall level of business development. These goals are the key pillars of MINMAX's sustainable development.

Faced with worsening climate change, we must cherish our natural resources and protect the Earth. MINMAX has continuously worked to promote green products, fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, and reduce the company's environmental impact. MINMAX is committed to giving back to society; this is a major part of our corporate mission. We have donated to many in need, including vulnerable groups and social welfare institutions. We hope to improve society as a whole through our contributions. In 2017, we have changed our slogan to “Power for a Better Future.” We want MINMAX to be better than ever and to focus on the future. We hope MINMAX can work closely with all of our customers, materials suppliers, and employees. Our long-term partnership will help all of us move toward a brighter future, together.

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quality and hsf policy
Persist in Quality Control
Satisfy Customer Demands
Pursuing Sustainable Business
Promoting Environmental-friendly Products
core value

MINMAX has upheld its core philosophy from the beginning till date when interacting with customers and implementing any decision-making projects. This is the foundation upon which MINMAX will continue to grow.

our mission

Provide fast turnaround, superior quality, efficient service and technical support to satisfy customer requirements. Design, manufacture and sales of high quality/reliable DC-DC and AC-DC converter products.

  • R&D

    A staff of 40 engineers ensures talent for continuous new product development and custom/modified customer requests.

  • global marketing

    Our sales and applications engineering personnel assist with each step of the customer’s requirements, from product selection, design in, samples, production and inventory. We have no minimum order quantity, maintain worldwide inventories at our facilities and at our distributors. We commit to prompt response to all inquiries – within 24 hours !