DC-DC Converters

MINMAX has more than 30 years of experience in power solutions. In the DC-DC converter product line, We provides a power range of 1 to 150 watts, with a variety of standard packaging and industrial applications. To give you the best power solution at a fair price, MINMAX is definitely your first choice for the brand of DC-DC power converters.

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product advantage
product advantage
  • Industrial
    • Size Minimization & Various Packaging Options
    • Excellent Efficiency up to 92%
    • Wide Power Range from 1 to 60Watt
  • Railway
    • Ultra-wide Input Voltage Range
    • Power Range from 3 to 150Watt
    • High Robustness, Durability, and Reliability
    • Railway EN50155 & Fire Protection EN45545-2
  • Ultra-High Isolation
    • Isolation up to 5KVAC with Reinforced Insulation
    • Working Voltage up to 1000Vrms
    Ultra-High Isolation
  • Medical
    • Isolation up to 5KVAC with Reinforced Insulation
    • Medical Safety ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1
    • 2xMOPP Level
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