Railway Certified Power Solution

Our modern rail infrastructure is a highly integrated system of monitors and controls that assure the safe and timely delivery of passengers and goods. Rail systems present new challenges for designers of both freight and commuter solutions. Commuters now require mobile office communication capabilities and entertainment features that they normally have at home. Improved safety and security measures are being installed, both on the trains as well as at stations, and new classes of DC-DC power converters are being developed to integrate all these systems.

Because the railway is in a state of vibration for a long time, all electronic equipment is faced with voltage instability for a long time, and a lot of safety issues are involved, so all railway electronic equipment must adapt to different environments such as altitude, humidity, shock, vibration, temperature and electrical properties difference, providing optimized performance to meet the demands of various demanding railway applications.

According to the above requirements, EN 50155 is the European standard for railway electronic equipment. Most countries will choose to refer to this regulation, and all MINMAX’s railway certification products have passed this regulation.

Another regulation that is widely valued by railway operators is EN 45545-2. The main purpose is to require power converters to meet various fire protection tests to ensure the safety of equipment and passengers. All MINMAX railway certification products have also passed this regulation.

MINMAX power converters have been applied extensively in rail systems, including for train door control systems, air-conditioning systems, passenger information systems, safety monitoring systems, traffic light systems, automatic and remote monitoring systems, brake controls systems, lighting systems, fire detection systems and more.

The MINMAX railway DC-DC converter family includes converters with power ratings ranging from 3 to 150 W. As the primary insulation barrier for railway DC power architectures, they are designed to meet stringent requirements to endure harsh environmental conditions. Our certified railway power converters all use industrial standard DIP, 2"×1", and Quarter Brick packaging. All railway power converters comply with railway EN50155:2017 specifications.

We believe that MINMAX railway power converters can provide solutions for any of the challenges presented by railway applications. For more details about our railway DC-DC converters, please feel free to contact MINMAX to learn more.

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Package Type
product advantage
  • Thermal Management Design Optimization
  • Wider Operating Ambient Temp. Range
  • Optimized PCB Layout
  • Overall Electrical Performance Optimization
  • Fully Encapsulated for Blocking Interference
  • Completed Abnormal Protection Function
  • Railway Certification Approved
Success Applications
  • 1Traffic Light System
  • 2Remote Monitoring System
  • 3Traction Inverter
  • 4Brake Control System
  • 5Fire Detection System
  • 6Train Door Control System
  • 7Cabinet Cooling System of Railway Industry
  • 8Passenger Information System
  • 9Safety Monitoring System / Drowsiness Detection System
  • 10Automatic Train Protection (ATP)
  • 11Turnout Monitoring System
  • Traffic Light System
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • Traction Inverter
  • Brake Control System
  • Fire Detection System
  • Train Door Control System
  • Cabinet Cooling System of Railway Industry
  • Passenger Information System
  • Safety Monitoring System / Drowsiness Detection System
  • Automatic Train Protection (ATP)
  • Turnout Monitoring System
management quality
product certification