Industrial Power Solution

The industrial DC DC power converter from MINMAX DC DC converter manufacturer provides a power range of 1 to 60 watts and is equipped with various industrial standard packaging. All models have complete protection and safety certification. The continuous miniaturization and higher power density are our biggest competitive advantages.

Our industrial AC-DC converter provides a power range of 3 watts to 60 watts. The packaging methods include PCB, Chassis, and DIN-Rail type. All models offer international universal input voltage 85-264VAC and pass UL/cUL /IEC/EN 62368-1, CE mark certification, some series have household safety certification TUV/IEC/EN 60335-1.

As one of the top power module manufacturers, MINMAX’s industrial solutions are used in every corner of modern equipment and systems everywhere with our high-quality industrial DC DC converter and industrial AC-DC converter. We provide different electrical specifications to create competitive performance to meet your critical design.

Package Type
Product Advantages
  • Thermal Management Design Optimization
  • Wider Operating Ambient Temp. Range
  • Optimized PCB Layout
  • Overall Electrical Performance Optimization
  • Fully Encapsulated for Blocking Interference
  • Completed Abnormal Protection Function
  • 75% Savings in PCB Space
  • 79% Reduction in Product Weigh
  • 4X Power Density Increased
  • Data Communication System
  • Measurement Equipment
  • Inspection/Testing Equipment
  • Control Equipment
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Solar System & PV Inverter
  • Wind Turbine System
  • Energy Storage System (ESS)
  • UPS & Digit al Power
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
Management Quality
Product Certification