MDWI15 Series
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High Power Density for the Latest 15W DC-DC Converter
MRZI100 Series
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MSCEU01-HI Series
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Ultra-high Isolation with Reinforced & 480Vrms Working Voltage 
MJWI06C Series
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The Best Solution for a Rugged Environment | 6W DC-DC Converter
MBSU03 Series
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MKZI40 Series
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40W 2" x 1" Package Railway DC-DC Converter
AMF-60 Series
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Ultra Compact Size | New-Generation 60W AC-DC Power Supply
  • Industrial

    Size Minimization & Various Packaging Options
    Excellent Efficiency up to 92%
    Wide Power Range from 1 to 60Watt
  • Railway

    Ultra-wide Input Voltage Range
    Power Range from 3 to 150Watt
    High Robustness, Durability, and Reliability
    Railway EN50155 & Fire Protection EN 45545-2
  • Ultra-High Isolation

    Isolation up to 5KVAC with Reinforced Insulation
    Working Voltage up to 1000Vrms
  • Medical

    Isolation up to 5KVAC with Reinforced Insulation
    Medical Safety ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1
    2xMOPP Level
MINMAX is honored to be invited to be the lecturer of Railway Certification - Detailed Explanation and Discussion of Isolated Power Modules!
The isolated power module plays a key role in the railway, it can provide effective power isolation and stable power output, and provide protection and support for the operation of the system.

    While all things pursue miniaturization, Minmax Technology is also constantly pursuing the ultimate miniaturization of power modules.

    We believe that there is no perfect Dream Module forever, Only by challenging your limits every day.

The world's largest embedded electronics and industrial computer application exhibition Embedded World will be grandly launched on 3/14-3/16, 2023, as an annual cooperation exchange between embedded system integrators and related software and hardware manufacturers, distributors and other manufacturers. MINMAX will attend it! 
Read and download the 2023 latest product  literature! 
Product  literature includes Product Line Portfolio, Railway Power Solution Guide, Medical Power Solution Guide and Product Catalog produced every three years.
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MINMAX's MDW15 & MDWI15 series are the latest generation of the isolated DC to DC converter specially designed for industrial use.

With a power density of up to 74W per cubic inch (W/in3), it provides a full 15W in 0.5 square inches of PCB space, achieving a big breakthrough in the size.

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Recently the R&D centers have been set up in Taichung and Kaohsiung.

The new MINMAX headquarters of 8,925 is also about to be completed!

From 0% to 100%,how was  the new Headquarter built? 

Let's take a look through time-lapse video!

MINMAX is a power converter manufacturer , which focus more on R&D, design and manufacturing and other fields to supply a comprehensive standard range of products covering power ratings from 1 to 150 Watt DC-DC converters, 2 to 60 Watt AC-DC power supplies and 0.5 to 1 Amp switching regulators, all of which comply with international safety certification and are given a 3-to-5-year warranty. Meanwhile, MINMAX also meets the different needs of customers pursuing integrated miniaturization, low energy consumption, high heat dissipation, and resistance to temperature shock and vibration impact. Based on stable delivery, perfect pre-sale/after-sale service, and adherence to the belief of quality, MINMAX is always the best quality business partner for customers. 

MINMAX is proud to announce a new generation of high performance 100&150W DC-DC converters in quarter brick package- MRZI100&150 Series. Both of MRZI100&150 Series have Optimized electric, power loss performance and overall thermal