MDWI15 Series
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High Power Density for the Latest 15W DC-DC Converter
MRZI100 Series
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MSCEU01-HI Series
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Ultra-high Isolation with Reinforced & 480Vrms Working Voltage 
MJWI06C Series
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The Best Solution for a Rugged Environment | 6W DC-DC Converter
MBSU03 Series
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MKZI40 Series
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40W 2" x 1" Package Railway DC-DC Converter
AMF-60 Series
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Ultra Compact Size | New-Generation 60W AC-DC Power Supply
  • Industrial

    Size Minimization & Various Packaging Options
    Excellent Efficiency up to 92%
    Wide Power Range from 1 to 60Watt
  • Railway

    Ultra-wide Input Voltage Range
    Power Range from 3 to 150Watt
    High Robustness, Durability, and Reliability
    Railway EN50155 & Fire Protection EN 45545-2
  • Ultra-High Isolation

    Isolation up to 5KVAC with Reinforced Insulation
    Working Voltage up to 1000Vrms
  • Medical

    Isolation up to 5KVAC with Reinforced Insulation
    Medical Safety ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1
    2xMOPP Level
    Constrained space in many industrial applications makes it a must to reduce the size of the power supply unit as much as possible. This is indeed a big challenge to the industrial power supply industry. Regarded as a leading manufacturer for "highly integrated and isolated DC-DC power solutions" in Taiwan...

MINMAX is proud to announce a new generation of high performance 100&150W DC-DC converters in quarter brick package- MRZI100&150 Series. Both of MRZI100&150 Series have Optimized electric, power loss performance and overall thermal


MINMAX is proud to announce the new member of Railway DC-DC Converter Family- MKZI40 series in 2”x1” package size. The MKZI40 series has optimized electric performance and overall thermal design. Please put your eyes on the following features of MKZI40 series: