"Railway Certification - Detailed Explanation and Discussion Lecture on Isolated Power Modules" ended successfully
MINMAX's teaching manual and product sample box for students

MINMAX is honored to be invited to be the lecturer of Railway Certification - Detailed Explanation and Discussion of Isolated Power Modules!
The isolated power module plays a key role in the railway, it can provide effective power isolation and stable power output and provide protection and support for the operation of the system.

MINMAX explained the railway isolated power module course at the National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology

In the lecture, we shared with you the product technical characteristics of the railway certified power module, including isolation principle, output characteristics and protection functions.At the same time, we have carried out in-depth analysis and discussion of troubleshooting methods for common problems that may be encountered, such as output instability and electromagnetic interference.

MINMAX's Assistant Manager Zheng from the Marketing Department and Assistant Manager Wu from the Technology Development Department gave lectures to let everyone know about railway-certified isolated power supplies.

MINMAX thanks everyone for their enthusiastic participation and support for this theme! Thanks also to everyone for the questions and discussions during the lectures!
This is crucial for us to gain a deep understanding of the confusion and challenges faced in the application of railway certified power modules.
We hope that our answers can help you better deal with technical issues and improve application effects.

We look forward to further cooperation and communication with you in the future!