MINMAX VR showroom is officially launched

Offering a 360-degree interactive exploration for a brand-new experience-MINMAX showroom

MINMAX, aiming to provide customers with the freedom to explore without the constraints of time and space, has specially introduced the VR showroom. Through this innovative platform, we aspire to showcase the unique features of our products and demonstrate our commitment to delivering the highest quality services.

In the MINMAX VR showroom, you will effortlessly navigate through every corner, gaining a comprehensive understanding of MINMAX products. With interactive features, you can delve deeper into various real-world applications of MINMAX power converters.

🌏 360-Degree Interactive Exploration: Through the MINMAX Virtual Exhibition Hall, you will enjoy a panoramic 360-degree interactive experience, as if you were physically present. Explore product details and discover a variety of practical applications.

🚂 Crafting a Train Platform Model: We have meticulously designed a platform area, integrating MINMAX product application examples. Every detail has been carefully considered, making the Virtual Exhibition Hall not just an experience but a showcase of MINMAX's technological capabilities and innovation.

Join us now and step into the MINMAX VR showroom, where you can collectively enjoy a time filled with wonders!

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