MINMAX Railway Certified Power Family|3-150W Isolated DC-DC Converter

    MINMAX's railway-certified DC-DC converters can cover the power range from 3 to 150 watts. As the main insulation barrier in the railway DC power architecture, it must meet stringent requirements to cope with harsh environmental conditions. Our railway power converters are available in industry standard DIP, 2" x 1" and quarter brick packages and all models comply with the specifications of railway certification EN 50155:2017.

    In addition to compliance with EN 50155, another regulation that is widely valued by railway operators is EN 45545-2, whose main purpose is to require power converters to pass various fire tests to ensure the safety of equipment and passengers. All MINMAX railway certified products also comply with EN 45545-2. In addition to complying with the above regulations, MINMAX conducts strict tests under many test conditions independently to ensure that all customers feel safe, reliable and trustworthy when using the products.

    MINMAX's railway certified power converters have been widely used in railway systems, including train door control systems, air conditioning systems, passenger information systems, security monitoring systems, traffic signal light systems, automatic and remote monitoring systems, brake control systems, lighting systems, fire detection system, etc.

    MINMAX’s railway certified power converter features

    ■  Thermal management design optimization
    ■  Wider operating temperature range
    ■  Wide input voltage range
    ■  Excellent efficiency up to 92%
    ■  PCB layout design optimization
    ■  Overall electrical performance optimization
    ■  Fully packaged design to prevent interference
    ■  Complete exception protection function
    ■  Passed railway certification & fire test
    ■  Support 5000 meters high altitude operation

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      MRZI100 Series

    ■  MKZI40 Series

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