Small, Smaller, then Smallest! The latest 15W tiny package product video is online!

MINMAX's MDW15 & MDWI15 series are the latest generation of the isolated DC to DC converter module specially designed for industrial use. With a power density of up to 74W per cubic inch (W/in3), it provides a full 15W in a small DIP-16 package which occupies only 0.5 square inches of PCB space, achieving a big breakthrough in the size, helping people who want to mitigate the critically limited space constrain. MDW15 & MDWI15 series 15W DC-DC converter has been widely used in numerous applications like motion controllers, intelligent inspection robots, unmanned vehicles, charging piles, etc., popular among MINMAX's clients. Because of the advanced circuit topology, MDW15 & MDWI15 series 15W DC-DC converter can keep high stability of overall efficiency, power loss, and heat generation regardless of changes in internal and external conditions and provides up to 87% efficiency and instantaneous load capacity. The best operating temperature range of MDW15 & MDWI15 series 15W DC-DC converter is from -40°C to 85°C. If customers want better heat dissipation performance, MINMAX power module manufacturers can offer optional heat sinks and a more flexible design based on your demand. Every model passed CB Certification, EMI Conduction Class A Certification, and UL/cUL/IEC/EN 62368-1 safety certifications to ensure its safety and quality.