Launch of Ultra-compact Converters Asserts MINMAX as an Industry Leader

    Constrained space in many industrial applications makes it a must to reduce the size of the power supply unit as much as possible. This is indeed a big challenge to the industrial power supply industry. Regarded as a leading manufacturer for "highly integrated and isolated DC-DC power solutions" in Taiwan, MINMAX Technology Co., Ltd. (MINMAX) launched at the beginning of this year the MDW15 & MDWI15 series, a new generation of products, once again proving that MINMAX does deserve the name as an industry leader.

A new generation of ultra-compact 15W converters to meet the needs of contemporary value-oriented customers for the trend of power supply modularization.

Mainly targeting industrial power supply without fear of harsh tests

    Founded in 1990, MINMAX is committed to the professional design, R&D manufacturing and worldwide promotion of DC-DC power converters and AC-DC power units under the MINMAX brand. MINMAX's current product line includes DC-DC converters 1-150W, AC-DC power supplies 2-60W, switching regulator 0.5-1 amp, and its sales focus mainly on railway, medical, renewable energy, heavy industry and other industrial applications.

    To meet the needs of value-oriented customers who pursue miniaturized size, low energy consumption, high heat dissipation, and resistance to high and low temperature shock and vibration, MINMAX DC DC converter manufacturer has always made great efforts in the development and quality control of power supply. With stable delivery, perfect pre-sale and after-sale service, and strict control of product quality, MINMAX has been a reliable partner who makes progress side by side with its customers.

Reducing the size and increasing the power density

    Regarding the newly launched MDW15 & MDWI15 isolated DC to DC converter module series, Chuan-hung Cheng, Assistant Manager of MINMAX, described, “This is an ultra-compact power converter successfully developed by MINMAX in recent years. Under the same size specification, we are able to provide higher wattage than the same industry products, because of the improvement of upstream semiconductor components, the continuous improvement of electronic circuit design and layout integration, heat dissipation technology, SMT assembly and mechanical process assembly and other aspects of technical capabilities. The launch of MDWI15 series proves that we not only surpass our past self, but we also become a representative supplier for ultra-compact products compared to others.”

    With a power density of up to 74W per cubic inch (W/in3), the MDW15 &MDWI15 series provides a full 15W in a tiny DIP-16 package which occupies only 0.5 square inches of your PCB space. The area of MDW15&MDWI15 is 50% smaller than that of the second generation and 75% smaller than that of the first generation. "In response to industry trends, we update the generation about every 5 years to fully satisfy the needs of value-oriented customers," said Chuan-hung Cheng.

Various generations of MDWI15 series

High product specifications targeting value-oriented applications

    The miniaturization of the MDW15&MDWI15 series 15W DC-DC converter enables customers to flexibly choose converters that meet specific application requirements. It is expected to be popular in industrial markets where space constrain is critical, including transportation, renewable energy equipment, instruments, medical, industrial control, semiconductor equipment, etc.

    Regarding this series of products, Chuan-hung Cheng added, “Because MDW15 & MDWI15 are a high-specs product, we are targeting the demand of value-oriented equipment. In contrast to economical equipment is not our main focus." Insisting on designing and manufacturing in Taiwan and providing products with higher specifications, MINMAX aims not only to avoid price competition with homogeneous products, but also to provide industrial design with more advanced technology in today's global industrial equipment transformation. Using its own excellent isolation converter design and manufacturing technology evolution. MINMAX provides more possibilities for industrial design.

Pay attention to prospective research and preemptive layout of new trends

    MINMAX always strives for perfection and improves its competitiveness continuously, partly thanks to the in-house new technology research unit setting up. Chuan-hung Cheng described this unit which is responsible for researching the technologies that will be needed in the future, nurturing the technologies to a certain level and then handing them over to the R&D unit for sample development and mass production preparation.

    "Because we pay attention to prospective research, we can continue to update product generations and can quickly propose product solutions for new industry demand," Chuan-hung Cheng further mentioned. With the strong strength accumulated in industrial power supply for more than 30 years, MINMAX is expected to make outstanding achievements again.

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